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    Mibello Application!



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    Mibello Application!

    Post  Mibello on Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:17 pm

    Yes guy's im back for you guy's.

    irl name: Kate or Kathrine Caplinger.

    server name: Mibello

    chatbox name: Mibello

    forums name: Mibello

    Reason for wanting staff: Death you know you love meh:) and mya:) im helpfull and i have been here for a long time and im the type of person you can trust.

    Why you diserve: Because im very smart and helpful and have been around for a while:)

    male or female: Female

    people helped: The whole entire Death scape server:)

    when you joined: Summer time.

    Sorry i was gone guy's i had gotten a job with nike and i have had some family issues but im back for good.Smile
    missed you all.
    Thhank's for reading this:)

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